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Toronto Structural Consulting Engineering Company

With licenses of Revit, ArchiCAD, CATIA, Tekla and SDS/2, in addition to hundreds of trained and experienced construction 3D modelers, ADA is one of the strongest 3D firms in Canada. Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach, our wide range of services and how we can help you reduce costs and increase revenue.
Our 3D BIM services include:

  • 1. 3D Modeling in Revit, ArchiCAD, CATIA and Tekla (X-Steel) +

    With large teams that have expertise in these powerful tools, we can perform work on both large and rush projects. We are trained for the latest software versions and features to harness the full benefits of these applications. Additionally, we can dedicate complete teams to a client and thus learn unique presentation, modeling or design styles. Likewise, our rigorous quality and checking department ensures adherence to design, codes and client presentation standards.
  • 2. Architectural, Structural and MEP modeling +

    We have the capability to provide complete 3D modeling, including typically required Architectural and Structural services, for intelligent and updated models. We have an Architectural and Structural services department that provides design, drafting and 3D modeling services to consultants and engineers. As a result, our construction and modelers understand the engineering and design behind the drawings. They can produce a more architectural and engineering friendly/intelligent model, compared to less sophisticated models created by software operators.
  • 3. Change and revision management +

    We are accomplished at maintaining up-to-date models that keep pace with new design revisions. We feel our responsibilities include immediate model updates that allow design and construction teams to identify and react to changes as well as provide the necessary paperwork to track, request and receive monies for changes. Because of our ability to staff projects appropriately and our detail-oriented approach, we deliver consistent, timely and accurate documentation that allows our clients to manage revisions and changes in addition to providing their clients with clear information to collect on change orders and extra work.
  • 4. Design and drawings +

    Many 3D BIM applications claim that once a 3D model is built and design drawings can be printed easily and without effort. Our experience, however, is that client presentation and design styles, as well as unique geographical code requirements, require scrubbing, modifications and additional work for 2D drawings. Moreover, our experience and knowledge in Architectural, Structural drafting enables us to build 3D models and provide 2D design and drawings in a client’s unique style.
  • 5. Creation of construction model +

    3D models used for structural steel shop drawings must be accurate to 1mm. Our roots as the best producer of 3D models for shop and fabrication drawings have trained us to build models with the highest level of accuracy and compliance with design. We start with the assumption that all the work we provide will be used for the production of shop or fabrication drawings and thus will require absolute precision. The result is a more accurate 3D model and one that does not require modifications when construction begins.
  • 6. Estimation and quantity take-offs +

    We have a good team of quantity surveyors and estimators that have been taking-off or estimating different elements of structures for several years. We provide estimation and take-off services manually or via 3D Model.


  • 7. Virtual Building Modeling/Virtual Construction +

    Our knowledge of Virtual Construction software allows us to help contractors and owner/operators estimate the cost of projects, project construction schedules and anticipate construction problems before they occur. 


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