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Toronto Structural Consulting Engineering Company

Keeping up with revisions and design changes can be extremely challenging for fast-track jobs, jobs that require significant changes and jobs with demanding schedules regardless of difficult design-related adjustments.
For Change Management, ADA Inc. provides highly trained team members who keep up with design changes, identify material, fabrication and labor costs and provide accurate paperwork on a timely basis. As these staff members focus only on Change Management for your project, they ensure that you track and collect for extra work and change orders. Our staff can:
•    Augment our clients’ resources
•    Provide a complete outsourced estimation solution
•    Provide updates to models
•    Manually estimate changes when drawings are revised or new addendums are released.

Furthermore, we provide services for almost every building item:
•    Structural and miscellaneous steel
•    Rebar or steel reinforcement
•    Concrete volume, CMU or concrete masonry units
•    Grout, doors and windows
•    Wood or other framing materials
•    Surface area of floors or walls

We provide these services by executing Manual Take Offs from design drawings and specification documents or by building 3D BIM models with accurate, identifiable building elements.
Ultimately, our Change Management services enable our clients to get paid more consistently and with less difficulty for extra work and change orders.

  • Unique Capabilities+

    In addition to sheer size, breadth of experience, consistency and high quality performance, ADA offers several capabilities that make our services truly unique.
    First, our complementary expertise in design, detailing and drafting makes us stronger in each respective skill. Second, through our large structural design team that focuses on industrial plants as well as commercial buildings, we understand design issues comprehensively and can recommend intelligent solutions that immediately impact projects. Third, we have developed significant competitive advantages by working across multiple trades and disciplines – Architecture, Structural, Civil – and with diverse materials, such as steel and concrete. Regardless of difficulty or inter-disciplinary complexity, we have the knowledge and experience to make all the pieces of a project fit together. 
    When clients utilize our full range of services, the results include better coordination through one vendor, improved schedules and significant cost savings. No one else in the industry provides these advantages in such a complete manner.
  • Project Management and On-Site Resources+

    For both large and small jobs, ADA can deliver engineering resources and immediate customer service around the globe.
    For some projects, we offer resources for secondment or the on-site placement of an ADA engineer, detailer, designer, draftsman or project manager. These resources can provide on-site engineering and technical capabilities, coordinate with other trades, organize contractors, interact with architects and engineers, orchestrate procurement, manage and track revisions and help with shop scheduling and field coordination.
  • Our Team+

    The team at ADA has pioneered the overseas engineering business since its inception in the end-1990s. Within the lifetime of this industry, our accomplished engineers and staff members have worked on an expansive range of projects, from unique and complex to large and industrial, have completed more work than the competition and have successfully executed the most sought-after jobs. 
    Beyond talented professionals, however, ADA continually develops innovative systems and a collaborative culture to ensure our competitive edge. Our internal systems and processes enable our talent to produce timely, accurate work on a consistent basis. Additionally, we maintain an open, productive culture that keeps all team members in the information loop. 
    We are acutely responsive to client needs, ask the right questions at the right time and facilitate smooth communication flow throughout an entire project. Ultimately, our unique culture and internal systems allow us to deliver a consistent, on time, high-quality product for every project.

Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach, our wide range of services and how we can help you reduce costs and increase revenue. 


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