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Toronto Structural Consulting Engineering Company
ADA provides estimating and take-off services for almost every building item including:
•    Structural and miscellaneous steel
•    Rebar or steel reinforcement
•    Concrete volume, CMU or concrete masonry units
•    Grout, doors and windows
•    Wood or other framing materials
•    Surface area of floors or walls

We provide these services by executing Manual Take Offs from design drawings and specification documents or by building 3D BIM models with accurate, identifiable building elements.
Moreover, our team members have several years of experience in quantity surveying and estimating. Their expertise allows us to:
•    Augment our clients’ resources
•    Provide a complete outsourced estimating solution
•    Provide updates to models
•    Manually estimate changes when drawings are revised or new addendums are released.

Ultimately, our Estimating services enable our clients to control costs and to verify change orders or extras that are submitted by subcontractors.
Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach, our wide range of services and how we can help you reduce costs and increase revenue.


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